LEGO Toys Kmart Catalogue November 2016

Until 16th November 2016 you can purchase the LEGO toys at Kmart for the prices shown on this catalogue. LEGO Toys Kmart Catalogue November 2016The best thing about LEGO toys are not their function of performance improving puzzle system. While they operate a logic between their puzzles and intelligence of kids they also build up a world of imagination for children. They do this using the cultural elements like the components which can construct a city or rescue its citizens from dangers like earthquakes or fire. Considering LEGO has many different fashions and concepts offering via their pack toys, we can suggest that LEGO makes children discover the world and characters. For example LEGO Star Wars pack could be potential spark for a kid to love space and physics. You would never know what the impact could be. Kmart Catalogue November 2016 offers good prices which can be considered to be affordable for toys like these.

They have Star Wars on pg 5, LEGO City on pg 6 and LEGO Friends on pg 7. Also LEGO Nexo Knights, Ninjago and Creator are featured deals of Kmart. Take a look at the prices of LEGO packs at Kmart with the list below:

LEGO City Volcano crawler $25
LEGO City 4×4 with powerboat $25
LEGO City volcano supply helicopter $35
LEGO City airport passenger terminal $95
LEGO City Volcano exploration base $95
LEGO City Service Station $79
LEGO City Airport air show $79

Social intelligence and leadership is a skill which many classic business employees struggle to intstill nowadays. LEGO Friends starts up the development of this skill. LEGO Friends are all available on pg 7.

LEGO Friends Amusement park roller coaster $99
LEGO Friends amusement park arcade $15
LEGO Friends Olivia’s exploration car $15
LEGO Friends heartlake riding club $69

LEGO Disney Princess anna and Kristoff’s sleigh adventure $32
LEGO Friends amusement park space ride $23
LEGO Friends heartlake puppy daycare $32
LEGO Elves the water dragon adventure $24

Nexo Knights Moltor’s Lava smasher $20
Nexo Knights Axl’s Tower carrier $85
Nexo Knights general magmar’s siege machine of doom $59
Ninjago kryptarium prison breakout $20
Ninjago rock roader $49

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