Lenovo YOGA 910 Review 2017

Yoga 910 comes with a new makeup according to Yoga 900, yes. But it is not fair to say that it is completely different. With its design lines, which are almost identical in size and weight to the predecessor model, the Yoga 910 offers a metallic surface to the exterior finish. The same metallic aluminium surface, on the inside, also welcomes us. The metallic surface was a good revision.Lenovo Yoga 910

In Yoga 910 we again see the special hinge structure as in Yoga 900. This hinge structure is very durable and flexible, so you can fold it up and use it in different shapes. Whether it works as a standard laptop computer, you can choose stand format or use it in presentation and tent scenarios.

The keyboard and touchpad areas of the Yoga 910 will reinforce comfortable working. There’s also a fingerprint reader here. So with one touch, you can sign in. When we look around the laptop, we see that the USB Type-C ports on the left side as well as the full-size USB 3.0 port on the right side. This makes it a big difference from the MacBook Pro, though it is similar in design to the MacBook Pro. But if you are looking for HDMI, for example, this laptop does not have this port. You have to buy additional accessories for him.

In Yoga 910, the screen has also changed. 13.3 inches higher than the screen panel by 13.9 inches. In doing so, Lenovo used a very thin screen frame. The inner frames on the three sides of the screen are virtually absent, which makes the display stand out.

Lenovo did not only physically enlarge the screen, but it also supported it with resolution. The laptop has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, 4K. As you know, the predecessor model Yoga 900 had 3200×1800 pixels, QHD + resolution. In this sense, users looking for 4K resolution will find what they are looking for in Yoga 910.

The technical staff of Yoga 910 was elaborated according to its predecessor and presented to users with new processors and technical equipment. Yoga 910 has a 7th generation Intel Core i7 7500U processor, which allows you to reach 3.5 GHz frequency. At twice the capacity of its predecessor, the Yoga 910, which uses 16 GB of DDR4 RAM in total, runs RAM at 2133 MHz. Storage space has also been increased and refreshed as a 512 GB SSD.

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