More Big W Toy Offers From Toy Mania Catalogue

Today, the toy mania sale has been launched and probably the biggest toy sale of 2020 is now valid. More Big W Toy Offers From Toy Mania CatalogueIf you like these toy sales, you might be familiar with the initial catalogue published by Big W. After they released that sale, they also added one more Big W Toy Mania catalogue with the same dates. This, too, will be valid until 15th of July. You can browse 6 categories of toys in this one. You can read about the top 20 toys of Big W, too. Dolls, playsets, books, construction toys, gaming and tech, and outdoor play products are available in the latest toy mania catalogue. Remember the new rules of stores. It’s best for folks to shop contactless. They can use contactless home delivery. If you are visiting the store, distance yourself from another customer by 1.5m. In the digital version, this catalogue is more dynamic. Here, you can only flip through the pages. If you want to see the dynamic version, go to the official page of the catalogue. Explore More Big W Toy Offers in the latest catalogue.

Top 20 toys can be seen on pg 5. See a new LEGO Star Wars Millienium Falcon (75192). The deal is online-only and the price of the Han-Solo’s ship is only $999! More LEGOs are also available in the catalogue:

Frozen II and more from the dolls:

Check out the catalogue for more Big W toy offers this week. Browse the Big W Toy Mania catalogue that was initially published.

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