New Big W Catalogue Toys 28 Sep – 11 Oct 2017

New Big W Catalogue Toys 28 Sep - 11 Oct 2017You can shop kids’ clothing with this catalogue and its price range. Find summer clothing, particularly, beach supplies like thongs, beach umbrella, camp chair, skin care creams, and regular casual clothing. Kids and baby casual clothes are available on pg 4-7. It’s possible to spot good sports toys on pg 8-9. Slazenger balls, Messi 2-in-1 auto trainer footvolley is $39 at Big W. Find a 2 Metre soccer goal of Dunlop for only $40. Visit pg 9 for these entertainment products and more.

Toys are browsable starting on pg 10. There is a brand selection. Disney, Mickey, Cars, Thomas and Friends, baby toys are on sale. Disney Cars toys, Transformers figures, and LEGO sets can be purchased for lower prices on pg 12-13. Awesome Hot Wheels cars will make your day. Big W sells these toys for amazing low prices.

Seek a good deal of snacks or confectionery on pg 17. A place is available for these favorite confectionery.

LEGO City and Creator sets will cost $9. LEGO Technic is $68 and LEGO City can be purchased for only $198. It’s an exclusive toy at Big W. LEGO Star Wars are available sets on pg 13. Twister Tracks Neon glow will be only $19/set! Don’t waste your money on boring things. Check out pg 14-15 of Big W for the top toys.

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