New World Deals 10 – 16 Jul 2023

Weet-Bix, Beef Corned Silverside, navel oranges, Pams Streaky smoked bacon, and many more products are available on the front page of the latest mailer. New World Deals 10 – 16 Jul 2023 can help you save on your regular needs. Buy your favourite soda at a better price at New World stores. Use this new catalogue to save on your steak or other meat products. Also, it is not only for deals. The mailer can show you some new recipes. Baked Honey mustard chicken and smashed potatoes is a great recipe and ingredients will be on sale this week. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner inspiration have also been included in the mailer.

New World Deals 10 - 16 Jul 2023

  • Deals on Weet-Bix, beef corned silverside, navel orange and more
  • MeadowLea Spread, Moogurt Suckies Pouches, Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain deals pg 3
  • Beef Sirloin Porterhouse Steak $27.99/kg
  • Oakley’s golden gourmet potato 1.5 kg $5.99 pg 6
  • Blue Frog Granola 350g $7.39
  • BelVita Breakfast Biscuit 300g $2.49 pg 11
  • Beehive Twinpack Shaved Ham 200g $4.49

The part where you can find Dinner Inspirations can be really inspiring. It contains a lot of great deals on ingredients of popular meal recipes. Allegro extra virgin olive oil is one of them.

  • Fortune Basmati Rice 1kg $3.29
  • Wattie’s Veggie Bites 350g $3.99
  • Wattie’s Plant Proteinz Soup 330g $4.49
  • Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream Peaches 160mL $9.99
  • Campbell’s Real Stock $4.79

Many more can be seen in the New World Mailer 10 – 16 Jul 2023.