New World Deals 14 – 20 Aug 2023

New World offers free MasterChef Cookware and every $20 spent will give you 1 sticker. You can get bonus stickers with a minimum $20 purchase from participating range which has super saver deals. Shop super savers like tangerines, premium beef mince, corn flakes. If you buy Lets Eat Plant-Based Tenders and Nescafé Flavoured Coffee sachets, it already sums up to $20 and you have a sticker for that. Make a pudding in a fry pan. This easy recipe of the week is available on pg 5. Also, the MasterChef cookware is not the only thing you can get for stickers. You can get 700 New World Dollars + MasterChef prize pack.

New World Deals 14 - 20 Aug 2023

  • Get bonus sticker for buying $20 from participating range.
  • Shop fresh products. Jazz Apples, Dole Bobby Bananas, Green Kiwifruit, Angelys Pears, Lamb Leg Roast Boneless, and more
  • Seafood deals: fresh bluff salmon fillets, sliced smoked salmon, and more
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Inspiration. Buy ingredients at lower costs.
  • Dessert Treats: Deep South Ice Cream 2L is $5.99
  • Pantry Fillers: Best Foods Real Mayo, Gregg’s Sauce Refill, Globel Village Olive Oil, and more
  • Confectionery sale: M&M’s, Maltesers, Jumbo Bag, Skittles Fruit, Eta Cornados, and more
  • Everyday Low Prices for Pams Facial Tissues, Pams Convenience Nappies, Chunky Dips, Roti and more
  • Bathroom Essentials up to 40% off Rexona, up to 50% off Olay

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