New World Deals 19 – 25 Jun 2023

Meat week is on now. Buy excellent quality meat products at New World stores. Lamb Leg Roast, Hellers Manuka Smoked Streaky Bacon, McGuigan Black Label Range, and more are being shown on the first page of the new catalogue. Aside from grocery products, you can save on personal care items. Up to 50% off Garnier this week. Everyday Low Prices for products like beef brisket, chicken wings, shredded chicken can inspire your decision for dinner meals. You can buy Campbell’s Stock for $3.49 only. Don’t forget to use this mailer to discover new deals like this. Browse New World Deals 19 – 25 Jun including these:

New World Deals 19 - 25 Jun 2023

  • Lamb Leg Roast $12.99/kg
  • Wattie’s Very Special/Hearty Soup 535g $2.99
  • Tegel Take Outs BBQ Strips/ Nashville/Louisiana Style Range $13.49
  • Up to 50% off Garnier Club Deal
  • Beef Brisket $19.99/kg
  • Beef Sirloin/Porterhouse Steak $26.99/kg
  • Chicken Drumsticks $5.99/kg
  • Chicken Nibbles $7.99/kg
  • Beef Casserole Steak $14.99/kg

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Inspiration are three categories you can find in the mailer. New World sells products like Wattie’s Complex Veges, Continental Sensations Soup 2 Serve, and more products. Find all these offers in the catalogues.

Go to the end of the catalogue for bathroom and personal care sale. Products like ecostore soap, Palmolive liquid hand wash pump, Schwarzkopf Extra Care 6 Miracles, and many more are available in the nonfood categories of the mailer. Get more deals like New World Deals 19 – 25 Jun 2023 when you subscribe to the newsletter.

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