New World Deals 29 May – 5 Jun 2023

New World offers super savers this week and you can buy beef rump steak for only $16.99 per kg. Three ways to save on grocery needs exist at New World stores. Find deals on Danish Castello, Arnott’s Cheds, and more products. Snacks and grocery items are on sale New World has a miscellaneous product range on pg 2-3. Save up to 25% off L’Oreal, Garnier, Maybelline products. Recipes are also important things you might notice. One of the recipes is balsamic rosemary lamb chops which can be seen on pg 5. Lamb shoulder chops will cost only $15.99 per kg.

New World Deals 29 May - 5 Jun 2023

  • Beef Rump Steak $16.99 kg
  • Danish Castello Blue/White 150g $7.99
  • Arnott’s Cheds/Sesame Wheat/Country Cheese/Vita-Weat Crispbread 250g $2.99
  • Vogel’s Bread 720g/750g $4.99 pg 2
  • Naked Locals Soup 500g $4.99
  • Mainland Block Cheese 700g/Tasty Block Cheese 500g $10.99
  • Sanitarium Weet-Bix 1.2kg $6.99 pg 10
  • Isey Skyr 170g $2.99 pg 11
  • Chesdale Cheese Singles 12s $3.99 pg 12
  • Birds Eye Fish Fillets 6s $7.49 pg 14

Pantry fillers are a big category in this catalogue. Ingredients of most dinner meals can be seen in these catalogues at lower costs. Cobram Estate Classic Extra virgin olive oil 750mL is only $13.99 each.

  • Deep South Ice Cream 2L $6.99
  • Chelsea Raw/Icing/Caster/ Brown Sugar 500g $1.99
  • Cobram Estate Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml $13.99
  • Sun-maid Raisins 14g 12s $2.79
  • Eta Ridgies/ Uppercut Chips 140g 2 for $5

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