New World Mailer Deals 18 – 24 May 2020

Four great deals appear on the first page of New World Mailer. Buy Anchor butter 500g for $5.79 at this store. Fresh fruits like apples, beef porterhouse steak, chicken breast, and more are also available in this sale. Read a new recipe in this content. Chicken & coconut curry ingredients and methods are available on pg 2. More recipes are also in the mailer. Use New World Mailer deals 18 – 24 May to save on chicken and red meat, too. Fresh vegetables of the grocery sale and fresh-cut premium meat quality are two attractions of the catalogue. 100% of NZ lamb will cost only $15.99 kg. Make some vegetable soup or hot meals at home. Carrot, cabbage, mushrooms are some of the most common vegetable meal ingredients. Buy pams fresh green kiwifruit for only $2.49.

Ready salads and packaged seafood products are also a part of the New World Mailer today. You can buy pams sliced cold-smoked salmon for $11.99. It’s really easy to make some pan-seared salmon. You don’t need to marinate salmon meat. It’s really juicy and it won’t dry out. Products of New World Mailer Deals 18 – 24 May:

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