New World Mailer Grocery 20 – 26 Jul 2020 | Super Savers

New World Mailer for the new products and prices of the grocery aisles, snacks, and essentials of the week. New World Mailer Grocery 20 - 26 Jul 2020The special discounts for Clubcard members are something you might come across, too. Weet-Bix, Kettle Chip Co., and more breakfast products are a few specials from this mailer. Get the fresh meat products at lower costs, too. If you like to use red meat as an ingredient for your dinner meals, I recommend you to get some ground beef or minced beef as they call it. One of the easiest recipes is pasta with napoletana sauce. Use some minced beef to make meatballs and add them to your pasta. Also, use some Greek cheese or maybe parmesan as extra flavour. It’ll be perfect with some soda from your favourite brand.

New World Mailer Grocery 20 – 26 Jul – Pantry Section

Buy the essentials of the week at lower costs in this aisle. Lower prices of products of Continental, Massel, Vita-Weat, Foodland eggs, and many more are going to be available in this mailer for the whole week. Save on all of these.

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