New World Mailer Grocery 6 – 12 Jul 2020

The top deals of New World Mailer Grocery 6 – 12 Jul 2020 can be seen today. New World Mailer Grocery 6 - 12 Jul 2020Inspect this catalogue for the best offers of meat, grocery, snacks, beverage, and all the other needs of the week. New World sells ribeye steak for only $22.99/kg this week. Shop Red Hot Savings this week for your groceries. Club Deals on products of the beverage and snack aisles can be viewed on pg 3. Buy 2 Arnott’s Tim Tam for only $4. Snacks and beverages are an important part of the mailer. New World’s Red hot savings are not only them. The lower prices of Rolling Meadow cheese, Edmonds Flour, Chelsea white sugar, McCain Beer Batter chips, and more products are viewable on pg 4.

Fresh fruits, deli-seafood products, bakery, muffins, and similar treat-like foods are all on sale. The price of the hotcakes is only $2.99/ea. Scottish Baps will cost $2.49 at the New World supermarket. More products of New World Mailer Grocery 6 – 12 Jul:

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