New World Mailer Mother’s Day Sale 4 – 10 May 2020

New World Mailer Mother's Day Sale 4 - 10 May 2020This mailer was published yesterday. The upcoming Mother’s Day can be so much fun amidst all that’s going on all around the world. Thankfully, New Zealand and Australia were not affected as much as some countries. But it’s still sad and the risk is still going on about that Coronavirus pandemic. Take five and relax with some gift ideas by New World Mailer Mother’s Day gift ideas. They have fresh fruits, chocolate, and meat as well as the fresh grocery products. You can buy Lindt Lindor pouch for only $5 which is a Club Deal.

New World Mailer Mother’s Day Sale for 4 – 10 May is also full of supers savers. With these type of deals, it’s very much possible to save on anything. Save on some Cadbury chocolates. Cadbury chocolate coated almonds will cost only $4.99 ea this week. It’s one of the best deals of the entire Mother’s Day sale by the supermarket this week.

Eating some brunch is one of the most popular activities for Mother’s Day all around the world. Aussies, Brits, and Americans also enjoy some big breakfast with their mothers on the 10th of May. You can buy some O’Canada Maple Syrup for $7.99 to enjoy some pancakes. They are really easy to make. Just mix eggs, flour, milk, and some sugar very nice in a plastic container. Just pan-fry them with some cooking spray. That’s all.

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