New World Mailer Sale 11 – 17 May 2020

New World Mailer Sale 11 - 17 May 2020New World Mailer covers a new product range featuring fresh cut meat. Super Saver deals are available on the first page. Buy fresh quality mark beef rump steak for only $14.99/kg with that super saver deal. Shop fresh fruits and oaty slices on the first page. New World Mailer can be a useful guide for learning recipes, too. There are many spaghetti recipes online. But this one is a little different involving some seafood. Prawn and pesto spaghetti recipe is available on pg 2. New World has an extensive fresh meat sale. I am sure you can find what you need. Fresh instore made sausages will cost only $15.99 at New World stores this week.

Fresh fruit & veg, New Zealand’s tamarillos, bananas, and more juicy fruits are available in the new weekly ad. It’s easy to prepare a salad blend for lunch. Lettuce is one of the keys and you can add some fruits and cheese, too.

You can make plant-based tacos with the recipe by the store. Sweet bakery products are also available in the new mailer. Check out all of them on New World Mailer.

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