New World Mailer Sale 15 – 21 Jun 2020

New World Mailer welcomes you with its new prices regarding the basic and delicious food products from grocery, pantry, deli, bakery, meat, and fresh departments. New World Mailer Sale 15 - 21 Jun 2020Even more than this is in the mailer this week. Moreover, the New World doesn’t only have a single catalogue but it has two. The other mailer has only beverage deals. Super Saver products are on the first page. Check out prices of Whittaker’s mini mix or artisan squares, beef ribeye steak, Hass Avocado, and yogurt of fresh ‘n fruity. Buy NZ products to support your local farmers and business. The makers of these foods may have a struggle during a pandemic. Although New Zealand is now free from the virus, the economy has been damaged. Buying local would mean a lot to the folks who trade. Explore some local products in New World Mailer Sale 15 – 21 Jun.

Meat and fresh produce are two important groups of products if you want to buy local. Aussies and Kiwis are self-sufficient folks. They make their own fresh produce. Believe me, this is really important because many countries can’t do that in modern times.

New deals on bakery products and quarantine treats are available on New World Mailer Sale 15 – 21 Jun. If you like to snack, super saver deals on rolls, biscuits, iced raspberry finger buns, and light fruit cake are some nice discounts for you. Browse the pantry sale, too. Check out some these deals on the mailer:

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  1. Great to see the new world mailer, thanks for that. It would be nice to see the mailer a day earlier, like on Tuesday’s once a week.

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