New World Mailer Sale 8 – 14 Jun 2020

New World Mailer Sale 8 - 14 Jun 2020New World Mailer Sale 8 – 14 Jun is the source of new deals on grocery products. Find new prices of various items starting on the first page. Fresh Quality Mark Prime beef mince will cost $11.99 kg. Similar deals appear on the cover page. Shopping at New World means supporting local farmers. Various products are produced in New Zealand. They introduce which ones are from this beautiful country. Buy Harraways Oats sachets, J friend and Co Barnabee bear, Hubbards granola, and pure delish cereal to support your locals. Buy NZ made products to contribute to the economy. These are high-quality products anyway. The meat section is browsable on pg 6. This is the butchery part of the New World store. Fresh quality mark beef bolar roast is gonna cost $12.99 this week. It’s 100% NZ beef. Like meat department, the fresh produce section is also from NZ.

And bakery-deli products are made in-store, too. If you like to have some snacks at home, check out important deals on pg 10-12. Breakfast cereals like Kellogg’s Nutri-grain special K original or Sultana Bran will also be on sale.