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The artistry of jewellery, clever deals for customers, elegant offers and high-end design for everybody who love such accessories made of valuable material. People also want to save and Prouds Catalogue can help with that. In fact, the importance of catalogues like these is understood in days like Valentine’s Day.

The product range of Prouds the Jewellers is quite satisfying because they have also classy watches for men and women. Children rings, earrings, pendants and more products are also available in the product range of the jeweller. Also, membership is available for more deals where you can find more services and advantages of the store. Additionally, follow our Facebook or Twitter page to get notifications about the deals of this store. Don’t miss out anything from Prouds Catalogue.

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Prouds Catalogue 24 Oct - 27 Nov 2022

Prouds Catalogue Christmas savings are here. The latest catalogue is out. Emerald & diamonds, silver gifts, and more products are featured items on the first page. Some products will cost half. Up to 50% off selected gifts. Bridal ring set, hoop earrings, diamond cross pendants, and more beautiful things are on sale. Buy a diamond gift for Christmas. Anyone would love to receive these diamond gifts. Drop earrings, rings, bracelets, ruby products, and more offers are available in the new c Read More...

Prouds Catalogue White Gold Bridal Sets Mar 2019

If you feel like you are having difficulty in finding the best accessory for your wedding, check out Prouds Catalogue March sale. The catalogue shows an elegant collection of white gold rings, bridal sets, and diamond sets on pg 5. You can find the white gold bridal sets on the same page. Many of the products there are half-price deals or they have huge savings. Prouds the Jewellers have a rose gold collection with beautiful designs. Get a 50% off deal on Hoop Earrings, bolt ring bracelet, and the gifts of gold at Prouds.

Have a look at the golden chains and pendants on pg 7. Prouds have a good job there as well. Mother of Pearl pendant will cost $79.90! An extensive range of earrings is on pg 8. Cubic zirconia heart locket and more rings or earrings are silver material on pg 8. Follow the Facebook page or subscribe to this catalogue for emails. You will be able to get future discounts and weekly savings from the like-class catalogues.

Prouds Jewellers Catalogue Sale 15 Feb - 10 Mar 2019

Annual catalogue sale of Prouds Jewellers offers exclusive necklace design, gold jewellery designs, pearl earrings, silver products, and more. This special catalogue sale also covers Prouds watches on the last page. That is a BOGO Free elite and Chisel watches sale. You can save on jewellery online with Prouds Catalogue. Find gold aquamarine and diamond rings on pg 4. This exclusive jewellery design will make your shopping session for such products fantastic! Save $1000 on bridal sets that are viewable on 5 of Prouds Catalogue. Women's jewelry and men's wedding accessories are both very important categories of Prouds the jewellers.
Also, find white gold designs, mesh drop earrings, eternity rings, hot prices from Prouds sale. Promotion of these products is very well done by Prouds. Please notice that the deals are effective until 10 March. Exclusive offers, a huge range on the online page and also the Prouds watches with many popular brands will be waiting for you. For an extensive range of Prouds mens watches please check their online page, too.

Pearl, diamond rings and more on pg 4-5: