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Save on car products with using Repco Catalogue. 4×4 products, spare parts, oils, repair tools, electrical products and the deals on all of these products can be browsed on the latest catalogue¬†or the future ones. Car maintenance can get serious especially when you are driving for a long distance. Oils and other fluids of your car can get quickly useless. A good driver is always beware of the situation of their cars. The store can offer you simple products but the importance of them is vital. Auto Club members can get more discounts. They have occasionally good discounts for the members. The Repco Catalogue can be a good choice to find Fathers Day gifts or similar days whenever you want to gift something to your father.

Find cleaning products for your car at Repco. Seat covers, improvement of the technology in your car, click and collect services. You may also find batteries at Repco. Most important things of the engine and engine parts can also be in the range of Repco stores. The catalogues will show you the best price of whatever is promoted this week. Check out this page for the future catalogues, or you can follow us on social media.

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Repco Catalogue Father's Day 2022

Explore the latest offers of car gear, repair tools, car cleaning products, power tools, and more in Repco Catalogue Father's Day 2022. You can find products like electric pressure washers. Save 20% off Mechpro blue electric pressure washers at Repco stores. Welding tools and safety equipment will be on sale, too. If you need a new darkening helmet this is the place to find it for only $99. Save 30% off Cigweld darkening helmet. Find oil filters, adhesives, sealants, multi purpose lubricants Read More...


Repco Catalogue 6 - 19 Jul 2022

Repco Catalogue 6 - 19 Jul 2022 featuring stocktake sale offers new prices of products like seat covers. The new catalogue promotes deals on products like trolley jack, vantage, warranty batteries, and more. It is a good source of good deals on engine oils, transmission fluids, brake fluids, etc. The stocktake sale also covers electrical parts. That includes products like jump starters, trailer plugs, cable ties, and more. Also, you can find electronics like dash cams. Save $65 on 1080p front Read More...

Repco November Only Sale For Automembers

There is a lot going on at Repco stores. New price down, build series, and a new discount on spare parts for November only. It's called "Show Your Card and Save". Exclusive member offers are always something to consider. Some might find them annoying but in fact, they are what makes a store unique and worthwhile of visiting and shopping. Repco Catalogue has not been updated yet. There might be a new one before Black Friday. Save 15% off Spare Parts and 20% off everything else if you are an Auto Club member. You can save on these products from Repco November Only Sale:

  • Brake Pads 15% off
  • Brake Rotors 15% off
  • Air Filters 15% off
  • Oil Filters 15% off
  • Spark Plugs 15% off
  • Tools 20% off

Repco November Only Sale For Automembers

Repco November Only Sale Is Not The Only One

When you become a member, you can get more deals than these. 5% everyday discount, free gifts will be yours. Also, you can win a competition as the number one customer. Repco Oil Bonanza is also going on. Go to the main page of and see the oils. You can also check if the oil fits your car. Penrite HPR Diesel 10W-40 Engine Oil 10L-HPRD 10010 will cost 20% off.

  • Castrol Edge 5W-40 50% off
  • Valvoline Engine Armour 10W-40 Engine Oil 5L 40% off
  • Shell Helix HX3 20W-50 Engine Oil 5L 50% off

Many more deals like these are available at Repco. Subscribe for more deals like Repco November Only Sale. Remember Christmas is coming and more deals will be available in November and December.

Repco Catalogue Air Filter Deal

Air filters are vitally important service parts that all car owners should know something about. Repco Catalogue Air Filter DealVarious types of them are available. Universal, custom-fit, washable, reusable, and more. Repco Catalogue shows a deal on K&N Air Filters with the price starting from $53. Follow the deals of Repco Catalogue for similar service parts. View pg 8-9 for more service products. Your engine needs to breathe. Let it do that comfortably buying decent quality air filters.

Repco Catalogue Tool Sale 21 Sep - 4 Oct 2020

Choose the best pressure washer for your purpose. Outdoor surfaces like fences, driveways, and decks can be easily cleaned with a pressure washer. Repco Catalogue has one for you. Visit the tools and garage sale of the latest content by Repco. Their aim is obviously heavy-duty areas but if you can handle something with a simple hose, you might not want to spend a couple of hundreds on such a product. However, if you do anyways, you won't need anything else to clean your garden in terms of scratching stubborn stains. Repco Catalogue high-pressure washer deal is a Mechpro product. Save $100 on that washer with 7L/min capacity and 1900 PSI pressure power.

Repco Catalogue Tool Sale 21 Sep - 4 Oct 2020