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Save on car products with using Repco Catalogue. 4×4 products, spare parts, oils, repair tools, electrical products and the deals on all of these products can be browsed on the latest catalogue¬†or the future ones. Car maintenance can get serious especially when you are driving for a long distance. Oils and other fluids of your car can get quickly useless. A good driver is always beware of the situation of their cars. The store can offer you simple products but the importance of them is vital. Auto Club members can get more discounts. They have occasionally good discounts for the members. The Repco Catalogue can be a good choice to find Fathers Day gifts or similar days whenever you want to gift something to your father.

Find cleaning products for your car at Repco. Seat covers, improvement of the technology in your car, click and collect services. You may also find batteries at Repco. Most important things of the engine and engine parts can also be in the range of Repco stores. The catalogues will show you the best price of whatever is promoted this week. Check out this page for the future catalogues, or you can follow us on social media.

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Repco Catalogue 5 - 18 Jan 2022

Like many stores, Repco also has a new stocktake sale in the first month of the new year. These products need to go. So they are in the sale. Pay 45% less for Shell Helix HX7 10W-40 5L for $25. You can browse the products like batteries, garage jack, jockey wheels, and more items at this store. The catalogue prices are worth seeing. There are various new products, too. They are available with an intro price. LED Globes & headlight and antennas that you can see on the second page are two o Read More...


Repco Catalogue Battery Trade-in Deal

There is a $40 trade-in deal for batteries covering the Repco branded batteries. Repco Catalogue Battery Trade-in DealThis week is a nice week for car owners because the Repco Catalogue has been updated recently. The deals are starting to be valid today. These deals are going to be valid until October's first week. Bring your old battery of Repco to Repco stores and get a new one. More deals like MechPro blue trolley jack, Meguiar's ultimate wash & wax, Valvoline Engine Armour 15W-40 5L also appear on the first page of this catalogue.


Repco Online Only Savings Ends on 13 Sep

Browse the latest Repco Online Only Savings. Spend over $75 to save $15 and save up to 20% off online on There is almost nothing of Repco product range you cannot buy from the Repco's website. Repco Catalogue has not been updated yet but the site has a lot of stuff for you. One of them is Supercars Championship 2021. Celebrate this event with the savings by Repco. Supercars The event is a really big thing in NZ and Australia. The brand has been supporting the car races since the 50s. Repco Online Only Savings are these:

  • Spend over $75 to save $15
  • Spend over $100 to save $25
  • Spend over $200 to save $55

Repco Online Only Savings Ends on 13 Sep

Repco Online Only Savings Are Not the Only Deals

This week, if you spend $200 you can save up $55 at Repco. Car care products, cleaning basics, dirt guard, wash & protect, and more products are on sale at Repco. Buy engine oils, seat covers, and more products if you want to save at this store.

  • Multi-purpose lubricant 425g twin pack $15
  • Sunshades 30% off
  • FX Series Canvas Seat Covers $99 - save $50
  • Slime products 40% off
  • Caltex Oils 30% off
  • Eitrax Products 20% off
  • Icon Series Heavy duty canvas seat covers $159 - save $70

Repco Online Only Savings Ends on 13 Sep

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Repco Cargo Case Deal 12 - 25 Aug 2020

Do you carry sensitive material like cameras, laptops, electronics like these, glass, or other kind of fragile equipment? Repco Cargo Case Deal 12 - 25 Aug 2020Or perhaps, you need something to be stored in dark. There might also be some possessions that you would risk even when your car gets involved in an accident and wrecked. Cargo cases provide decent quality and toughness for such material. Play Death Stranding and understand the importance of cargo cases. Repco Cargo Case deals 12 - 25 Aug is available on pg 3. Repco Catalogue will be your email inbox when you subscribe to the newsletter.