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Save on car products with using Repco Catalogue. 4×4 products, spare parts, oils, repair tools, electrical products and the deals on all of these products can be browsed on the latest catalogue¬†or the future ones. Car maintenance can get serious especially when you are driving for a long distance. Oils and other fluids of your car can get quickly useless. A good driver is always beware of the situation of their cars. The store can offer you simple products but the importance of them is vital. Auto Club members can get more discounts. They have occasionally good discounts for the members. The Repco Catalogue can be a good choice to find Fathers Day gifts or similar days whenever you want to gift something to your father.

Find cleaning products for your car at Repco. Seat covers, improvement of the technology in your car, click and collect services. You may also find batteries at Repco. Most important things of the engine and engine parts can also be in the range of Repco stores. The catalogues will show you the best price of whatever is promoted this week. Check out this page for the future catalogues, or you can follow us on social media.

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Repco Catalogue 12 - 27 Apr 2021

Buy a new engine oil from Repco Catalogue 12 - 27 Apr 2021. Make your stuff on your own with the tools you can find at Repco stores. Right on the first page of the catalogue, you can browse batteries, shell engine oil "HX7 10W-40 5L", Mechpro Blue Water hose reel 20m, and more products. You may want to try Repco Garage, too. Go to pg 2 for details where you can read about the Supercars Championship season and exclusive content. If you own a 4x4 car, check out pg 4-5 for the necessary equipmen Read More...


Repco Catalogue 24 Mar - 6 Apr 2021

Prepare for the Easter Escape with the guidance of the deals from the Repco Catalogue. Use the catalogue to gather your essential equipment for the road. New items are available in the catalogue. Even on the first page of it, you have Dusc 4 bike hitch carrier priced at only $69. Browse the new deals of the week at Repco. Prepare your 4x4 vehicle for the road. Spend less with the deals from 4x4 products. Stop at a beautiful spot by the road, kill the engine, and set the side awning. It's a ne Read More...

Repco Auto Club Deal July 2020

Save 30% off with your Auto Club member card at Repco stores. The deal is both valid in-store or online. You can save on this Friday, Saturday & Sunday only. Today, the deal should be valid. If you have an intention to go shopping this weekend, you might want to visit this store to buy something for your car at 30% cheaper cost. Get your battery delivered to your home. If your battery is dead, no worries, Repco will get you a new one for a good price. Trolley chest, diesel oil, degreaser, car care products are also on sale. Repco has a new product, too. Throttle controller. An electronic throttle controller can eliminate the delay caused by the electronic connections. With only electronic upgrades, you can improve performance. There is a cable between your throttle pedal and the body. That cable apparently causes some decrease in performance. It's natural but you can use the throttle controller to cancel that negative effect. Check out currently popular deals at Repco. There is no new Repco Catalogue yet. Check out Repco Auto Club Deal July and more deals:

Repco Auto Club Deal July 2020

  • Repco Oil Filter Spin-On - ROF58A $13.49
  • Selected Car Care 30% off
  • Degreaser 400g 3 for $5
  • Super Diesel 15W-40 5L $24
  • 6 Drawer Trolley & 5 Draw trolley chest $499
  • 6 Drawer Trolley & 11 Draw trolley chest $799
  • Throttle Controller $229 - intro price - new

Month-Long offers:

  • RainX Range 25% off
  • Hybrid Trolley Jack 1650kg $249
  • Eclipse Wheel Cleaner 750mL $6.99
  • Petro Pressure Washer 4HP $299

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Repco Catalogue Ignition Member Offer

You can win $20.000 with spending only $50 on participating brands at Repco. It only takes a single transaction. You must be a member to use this deal. CAT, Castrol, GME, and many more participating brands with some of their products are viewable on the first page. Check out the cover page for the full list of brands. Also, you can read about the details on pg 2. New deals are also in this catalogue. Don't forget to check out.

Repco Sale Ends on 31 May 2020

Save 30% off projecta battery chargers at Repco. More deals like that are available currently on These deals will end on 31 May. You will have 5 days to shop. You can also find these products on Friday. Chargers, pro-lift bottle jacks, socker set, and more products are in the Repco sale. Today, you can browse the latest deals on more categories, too.

  • Projecta Battery chargers 30% off
  • Pro-lift bottle jacks 50% off
  • HPR Diesel $42
  • Repco paint & panel repair 30% off
  • Permatex products 30% off
  • High performance 10W-40 5L $34.99