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Save on car products with using Repco Catalogue. 4×4 products, spare parts, oils, repair tools, electrical products and the deals on all of these products can be browsed on the latest catalogue or the future ones. Car maintenance can get serious especially when you are driving for a long distance. Oils and other fluids of your car can get quickly useless. A good driver is always beware of the situation of their cars. The store can offer you simple products but the importance of them is vital. Auto Club members can get more discounts. They have occasionally good discounts for the members. The Repco Catalogue can be a good choice to find Fathers Day gifts or similar days whenever you want to gift something to your father.

Find cleaning products for your car at Repco. Seat covers, improvement of the technology in your car, click and collect services. You may also find batteries at Repco. Most important things of the engine and engine parts can also be in the range of Repco stores. The catalogues will show you the best price of whatever is promoted this week. Check out this page for the future catalogues, or you can follow us on social media.

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Repco Catalogue 22 Sep - 10 Oct 2022

Like other car care shops, Repco celebrates Bathurst. Shell Helix, The Garage Multi-Purpose games table, dash cams, pressure washer, and more products are available on the first page. Repco Catalogue 21 Sep - 10 Oct 2022 can offer Bathurst special products on pg 2-3. They have banners, hats, runners, can coolers, ceramic mugs, and more items. You can also find media players. Special prices of dash cams and cam kits are also available in this catalogue. Explore the new deals on seat covers, ac Read More...


Automobile Deals From Repco and Supercheap

Check out the latest Repco Catalogue and Supercheap Auto Catalogue to learn about the halogen lights and some engine oil savings. Firstly, there are awesome oil deals on pg 13 of the latest Supercheap Auto Catalogue 4 - 20 Mar 2020 which has already been praised for its product range. If you like to handle problems, there are some tool deals at this store. The retailer promotes the deals on Castrol engine oils like EDGE, Magnatec, and stop-start engine oil of Magnatec on this page. However, there are many more. Oil replacement is not that hard. You can do it yourself, too, if you have proper tools.

You need oil filter wrench, oil drain pan, funnel, gloves, wrench. Of course, you need oil and oil filters, too. Firstly, you should know how much oil you need, drain the oil, and add the new oil and finally the check the level. You should already occasionally check your oil.

If your lights started to get dimmer, you may need to replace it with a new one. Halogen globes, and packs of them and other related products to driving lights are available on pg 10 of the latest Repco Catalogue.

Supercheap Auto deals on engine oils:

Repco Halogen lights and more:

Repco Catalogue Sale 4 - 17 Mar 2020 | New Products

Repco Catalogue Sale 4 - 17 Mar 2020If your battery died recently, check out Repco Catalogue Sale 4 - 17 Mar for new batteries that come with a warranty. Repco offers new prices of fuel cans, garage jack, car care products, and more on the first page. The store is the place to find some lights, too. Mostly, they offer driving lights for your 4x4 adventure. Check out this product range that is designed for the needs of 4x4 owners. Visit pg 3 for the accessories for towing. If you are doing some sports like touring or off-road, these can come in handy. They are like must-have items. While there are good deals, buy what you need for your car.

Repco Catalogue Sale 4 - 17 Mar has also an electronic section showing the prices of in-car media players and navigation systems. If you are going really remote places, a GPS LCD Screen might be really useful because there are places where the phone might not work or Google Maps don't recognize the place. But the GPS Navigators are operating directly with the satellite.

Repco Catalogue 3-Day Sale Feb 2020

Occasionally, Repco offers 3-day sale items. This week, you have another one. Tool kit, engine oil, windscreen cleaner, and more products are currently on sale. Soon, there might also be a new Repco Catalogue with an extended product range. Before that, try to find what you need in this 3-day sale or other categories of the brand if you need some car care or hardware products. The deals should end today.