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In the path that leads to becoming a savvy shopper, one should know about the benefits of Stratco Catalogue which provides useful information about the deals vital parts of gardening and backyard decoration. Special offers and catalogues guide Australians to the best savings on high-quality products. Browse patios, roofing, fencing, sheds, hardware and more categories in catalogues of this retailer. There is also a super saver club that can be a good way to save even more than a regular customer. Stratco also provides support for customers. If you have a question you can always ask.

The beautiful catalogue can help you with the deals on storage for your garage, prices of custom sheds, interest-free payments etc. Enlighten the corners of your garden, do the painting yourself with the proper equipment and make everywhere shiny and clean. One of the most noteworthy services by the retailer is the gift cards. Since they are popular among all customers, you don’t even need to check out gifts for special days like Fathers Day.

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Stratco Catalogue Christmas 5 - 21 Nov 2021

A new Stratco Catalogue that is special for the holiday season is available now. Home improvement is directly related to the holiday season. There are so many to do if you want to change the appearance of your house. Patio, shed, roofs, and fences are the main things to see in the new catalogue. You can also use some bonus gifts. For example, if you order your DIY patio before 21 November, they will deliver it before Christmas. Shop patio range at this store. They have fantastic things that w Read More...


Stratco Catalogue 15 Oct - 7 Nov 2021

Another big four sale of Stratco Catalogue is available now. Buy products of patio, roof, fence, shed categories at good deals. Use the catalogue to discover the awesome offers. Renew your home with high quality material using professional tools and assistance. The shed essentials is a big part of the new catalogue. Adjustable Light Duty work bench is only $19.99. Buy doors for your shed on pg 5. Gable roof and flat roof are two categories. Find sliding door sheds on pg 5. Save up to $1000 wi Read More...

Stratco Catalogue Outdoor Furniture 8 Feb - 3 Mar 2019

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Learn how to design your backyard with awesome furniture at Stratco and browse the discounts on Stratco Catalogue. In this catalogue, learn about 5 years of interest-free payment. Most products are on sale. Create a modern place with the understanding of patio furniture by Stratco. It's a great place to find big and small things. For example, go to pg 2 for dining sets for outdoor. Chairs, tables, grills and more are available in this patio central. Stratco Catalogue provides an extensive product range so that you will find blinds to cover your setup. Not only for privacy but also for blocking the sun for a relaxing place. This is not only a place to shop but to learn as well. Learn how to set up your patio step by step at Stratco. Visit pg 4 for details of this. You can ask for installation and improve your DIY ideas. Stratco will make customizable furniture for you. Their phone number is 1300 155 155. Browse gardening products such as lawn mowers, seeds, chemicals, and savings on pg 6&7. Take care of any problem with the proper tools and solutions. Numerous products are available in store.

Nice products are on sale at Stratco this week:

Also, find ways to cool any corner of your home. Fans, screens, blinds, blackout products are also in the product range. Follow our Facebook page to get the future catalogues, notifications about the deals and posts like these.