Supercheap Auto 7 Day Deals

The latest deals of Supercheap Auto will end on 11 November. Supercheap 7 Day Deals can be a great chance to save on travel accessories, floor mats, and more products but they are not all. Other than what is being advertised on the Supercheap Auto Catalogue you can find summer sale, 30% off 4×4 and Deep cycle batteries, 25% off Media Players, and more. See some deals from the 7-day deals:

  • 9″ Touchscreen mirror reversing camera $149.99
  • All season floor mats 30% off
  • Narva Plus 150 More Light headlight globes 30% off
  • Supercheap Auto Advent Calendar $19.99
  • SCA 45L Roller Storage Box 2 for $15.99
  • Rust-Oleum 312g ColourMate Aerosols 2 for $9.99

Supercheap Auto 7-Day Deals


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