Supercheap Auto Bathurst 26 Sep – 8 Oct 2023

Supercheap Auto Catalogue offers Bathurst Merch and memorabilia this week. Make it double times more fun with these products. Also, you can save on car care, cleaning products, batteries, and many others related to your automobile. The new catalogue also covers a huge product range with items from all categories. You can find carport, battery, headlight globes, and many more items. There are also kits. If you don’t wanna shop individually for every item, just get it over with the complete car kit that will cost only $44.99. Supercheap Auto Catalogue will be a great guide if you wanna save on these things and buy some Bathurst products like these:

Supercheap Auto Bathurst 26 Sep - 8 Oct 2023

  • Supercheap Auto Make it Super Official Merch
  • 2023 Supercheap Auto Wildcard Merch
  • Redbull Ampol Racing Polo & Cap $99 – 20% off
  • Red Bull Auto Racing Bucket Hat $34.99
  • Red Bull Bar Runner $29.99

Check out these products that will help you as a mechanic or a driver:

  • Bendix 1L Brake Fluids 20% off
  • Bendix Ultra Premium Disc Brake Pads 20% off
  • Bendix Cleanup: Brake And Parts Cleaner 400g $11.99
  • 20% off King Springs Coil & Leaf Springs
  • 20% off Narva Gen III LED Conversion Kits
  • Tridon Flexblade & Curveblade Wipers $43.99

Many more items are available on Supercheap Auto Catalogue. Browse all Supercheap Auto Bathurst 26 Sep – 8 Oct 2023 sale and enjoy these months.

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