Target Catalogue Bedroom Deals; 20 Oct – 2 Nov 2016 | Sheets, Pillows, Towels

The more you have thread count number the more quality the sheet you have. Target Catalogue Bedroom Deals; 20 Oct - 2 Nov 2016Target offers almost all type of sheet sets for the prices shown on pg 2-3 of the latest catalogue. Until 2 Nov you may shop for these sheet sets:

350 thread count flat or fitted sheets QB $29
500 thread count sheet set QB $59
1000 thread count sheet set QB $69

As you may have readily experienced it pillows are the vital while in sleep. To get an efficient work from your morning hours you need your rest very well. Everyone nowadays complains about their sleep and how uncomfortable sleep they had yesterday. No worries because Target did a great job there. tummy, back or side sleeper pillows were priced at $10 saving you a $2 this month. Moreover premium quality towels can be purchased at Target for great prices:

Grandeur bath towels $10
Egyptian bath towels $12

Renew everything with Target’s great offers. Save money, keep the quality going on in your house, never get dissappointed. More sheet sets and other homeware, clothing products have been contained by this catalogue.

Muslin wraps 3 pk $15
fitted cot sheets 2 pk $12
Printed cot sheet set $15
250 thread count cot sheet set $15
Microfleece cot blanket $15
Sheets from $10

Are among the available and on-sale products of latest Target Catalogue.

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