Target Catalogue Bedroom Specials 4 – 10 Nov 2015

Your home is ready for summer with Targets products.

Target : SummerTarget Catalogue Summer Special 4 - 10 Nov 2015

Target’s products has special designs for costumers with incredible discounts. Replace the old ones with new Target single or queen size bed sets starting from $29. They are comfortable and colorful products in nearly seven different type made by fine cotton and light. These sets will change your room ambiance and make you feel better always. Just check out colors, designs and quality of quilt sets from Target Catalogue or visit store and touch all of them. Because Target aims to influence you with this summer concept. There is a lot of different products on sale.

Who Needs A Sale With Low Prices Every Day

Yay, new lover price product is Target softy pillow. This pillow is made by fine cotton-rich also you can find pillowcases. Every day same price with two pack essentials stain resistant and twin pack pillows. Another new lower price product is queen bed flat or fitted sheets and queen bed sheet set. This fitted sheets are available in nine colors. Queen bed sets white, dawn blue and midnight. Also quilts with different features E.g allergy sensitive, special Australian wool, Down alternative. Towels are available to buy with lover price in Target. Towel prices starting from just $8. There is tree different type towel, Egyptian, Grandeur and Quick Dry Bath Towels in six between twelve colors. With this amazing Target products, your quilts, pillows and sheet sets will reflect summertime happiness inside you.

Prices of products in post ;

Single Bed Sets $29 PG 8
Queen Bed Sets – Cool Linen $89 PG 9 
Queen Bed Set – Tropicana $69 PG 10
Queen Bed Set – Chic Summer $69 PG 11
Pillows $15 PG 12
Queen Bed Flat or Fitted Sheets $22 PG 13
Queen Bed Sheet Set $89
Target Quilts $39 PG 14
All Towels starting from $8 PG 15


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