Target Catalogue Boxing Day Game Sale 26 Dec 2018

I can suggest you some great console games that were released on 2018. They are all must-see or must-play games in my opinion. On the top of the list there is Red Dead Redemption II with its fascinating environment art work and great story. The game is playable on PS4 and Xbox right now. I hope they will also release PC version in a year. I didn’t like the online version of it, however, story is very well written and it will make you feel in the final missions. It has two artistic rewards from the Game Awards few weeks ago. Also, its score is amazing. You play as Arthur Morgan in a gang and make your choice in the actions to be honorable or dishonorable in a hostile world of wild west. You can experience hunting, city scapes, amazing mountains, riding a fast and strong horse in winter and spring in this game. That was my favourite console game in 2018.

My second recommendation is “God of War” which is an emotional and epic story of semi-god Kratos and his son Atreus. I think what made this game really enjoyable is its cinematic aspects. Like RDR2, God of War also has an amazing score and its gameplay is also fun. You have a Leviathan Axe which returns to your hand no matter how far you send it away. Combat feels realistic and strong. The only disadvantage about this game is that it’s only playable on PlayStation platform. It’s an exclusive game for Sony. The aim of Kratos and his son is to take the ashes of the mother of Atreus to the Mountain. You will face the mighty enemies and gods during this journey.

Both these games are story-driven games. However, competitive games are also fantastic in recent years. 2018 was a good year in the world of gamers. My competitive recommendation is Battlefield V which was released in October. Its outstanding atmosphere with great artwork and visual effects will feel like it’s real. Besides, this is playable on PC. More than that, if you have an RTX 2080, you can enjoy the ray tracing technology that was used in development. Ray tracing is a technology in game development that enables shiny objects or water-like materials reflect the light more realistically than previous graphics cards. It’s something of revolutionary technology and Battlefield V is one of the first games to use that. Of course, you cannot get that joy from the consoles yet but let’s hope they will release new devices that enhance the experience of gaming.

In this Target Boxing Day Catalogue you can find two competitive games that are playable on Xbox One X.

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