Target Catalogue Boxing Day Role Play Toys 26 Dec – 2 Jan

We understand the life with a story when we think rationally. Role-playing whether we play with toys or in a video game is something relevant to this core concept. I read about the ludological differences between story-driven games and competitive ones once. The concept of the games can be so different when you think the differences of the experience playing the both. One is entirely based on the joy of winning at the end and role-playing games (RPG)s or toys can deliver artistic and emotional elements to the user or the player. That’s not so different from kids playing role-playing toys. Kids imagine a world for the toy of a character from a movie or for those collectable characters like dolls. You can find some of the popular characters that are known among all toy lovers in the world. How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World characters that are available on pg 20 is a great example to this situation. Role Play toys or games are not about competition but they aim to exist in a world of imagination and they also push kids to imagine a lot. I think the development of imagination skills is an essential concept while kids grow up.

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