Target Catalogue Casual Clothing 22 – 28 February 2018

30% off selected cosmetic brands in the latest Target Catalogue. You might find these ladies’ casual clothing interesting on pg 2-3. Sports style is really looking bombastic. Being casual and comfortable, these made a really attractive product range there.

Cardigan, cotton tee, leggings, crop pants are the trends. Target’s new selection pops up with a nice price range for everbody. Chinos for men are available on pg 8-9. These will be priced at lower values than regular.

Check out those sports shoes and Maxx underwear. Over 300 stores of Target can offer you these products. Hoodies and trackpants, shirts and sportive style of chino pants combined very well at Target. Prices are effective starting today.

Sportswear for ladies can be seen on pg 6-7. A really good selection of new products are available on these pages.

Men’s casual chinos, shirts, track pants and sports shoes can be viewed on pg 8-10. Awesomeness, lower prices, trends and more.

For further details, check out the preview. For future posts about the Target Catalogue, please follow on Facebook.

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