Target Catalogue Christmas Electronics 29 Nov – 5 Dec 2018

The soundbar is basic if you want to improve the sound and hear something better than your TV’s sound. However, it’s the most basic because I’d prefer home theatre systems but they are much more expensive. So, this can be a great choice if you want to buy something on a budget. Pay only $79 for 2.1 Bluetooth FW-1707 at Target. Google Home Mini, tablet PCs, and Platinium Full HD TV are Christmas gifts or improvements for your home. Check out the deals on smartphones, Fitbit activity trackers, and more sound products on pg 18-19. JBL headphones will cost $49 only. Get 30% discount on belkin products this week. The game sale is also available on the Christmas catalogue. Retro gaming experience is so popular nowadays. Target offers SEGA Mega Drive flashback for $149. Another retro product of gaming is ATARI flashback 9. These are limited stocks at Target.

TVs, sound products and home electronics:


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