Target Catalogue Christmas Game Deals 2016 | 8 – 14 Dec

Previously we posted gift toys of this catalogue. Today let’s list and talk about the game deals of two current Target Catalogues. Target Catalogue Christmas Game Deals 2016One of them is completely about DVDs, games, books and that sort of stuff for entertainment. Other than gaming consoles and video games, which can be played with those consoles, headsets, speakers, DVDs, and more entertainment products will be under spotlight today. Target offers LEGO story packs and Skylanders Imaginators on pg 14, Nintendo 3DS bundle and Wii U bundle prices on pg 16 and PS4 on pg 17. Find LEGO gaming and video games on pg 18.

Pay Less for Fun of Holidays with Target Catalogue

In holiday you will have a lot of chance to play games and spend time with the kin watching movies. If you are in lack of DVDs, entertainment products and you need something new check out DVDs of Target Catalogue on pg 21.

Game Deals by Target Christmas Catalogue 8 – 14 Dec

This year’s two Target Christmas catalogues have both console deals and video games. Electronics and daily life mobile products like tablet PCs are also on sale. We previously mentioned that PS4 soldout XBox in November. But since July XBOX has been the best seller until this month. If you look at the Cyber Monday facts you can see more detailed information.

On Target entertainment Christmas catalogue there are Disney Infinity and XBOX deals. On pg 6&7 :

Xbox One 500 GB S ultimate Minecraft bundle $369 pg 6
Watch Dogs 2 – PS4 OR XBOX – $64
Skyrim – PS4 OR XBOX – $55
Disney Infinity figures $7 ea pg 7

Skylanders Unleash Imagination with a starter pack $59 pg 15
Skylanders enchanted Elven Forest adventure pack $32
LEGO Dimensions Sonic Level pack $39
LEGO Dimensions Fantastic beasts story pack $64

See Nintendo games, console bundle prices and Wii U on pg 16. Again, some video games are also available on pg 18.

Nintendo 3DS XL bundle, $249 Target Catalogue Dec 8 -14 16 - Xbox one s
Wii U bundle $399
PS4 1 TB bundle $429 – bonus 3 month stan pg 17
PS4 500 GB console $349 – bonus 3 month stan

Other bundles of PS4 also are present on the catalogue. Check out prices of controllers, headsets, Playstation, Xbox, Wii and Nintendo games on pg 16&17.

Electronics and Accessories

Without a good headset, speaker or any kind of product that could replace them, you can’t have the experience of true gaming. Check out speakers, mics, headsets and more on pg 19.

Target City style earphones with mic $8
Bluetooth headphones $25 ea
Bluetooth party speaker $99
Target Bluetooth speaker $25

Other accessories like USB cables, folio case etc. are available on pg 20. DVDs for kids and family are on pg 21. 20% off DVDs is Target’s new discount of Christmas. Don’t forget to check out other Christmas Catalogues.

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