Target Catalogue Christmas Games and Entertainment 8 – 28 Nov

Experience retro play with the board games such as Monopoly. Target has a place for the board games and that covers PayDay, Scrabble, MouseTrap, Jenga, Cluedo and more games. Visit pg 30 where you can find the prices and deals. In short, you will pay $25 for these games each. Check out the books and fantastic stories that are waiting to be read. Not only novels but many educational or instructional books are available in the pg 31 of the latest Target Christmas Catalogue which is one of the biggest catalogues of all the Christmas catalogues published by other retailers like Target. They have plenty of the new deals that are designed and set exactly for the Christmas expectations of all customers online or in-store. Visit pg 32 for the Christmas books for kids. Family movies such as Mamma Mia, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and gift cards of iTunes with a 15% discount are on pg 32-33.
I think you should also beware of the existence of a page wherein PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and more consoles are available. Check out pg 34-35 for the two Pokémon games for Nintendo. Call of Duty BO4 and Red Dead Redemption II are also available for a standard AAA game price.

Check out these interesting Christmas gifts:

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