Target Catalogue Christmas Party Products 13 – 24 Dec 2018

This is one of the two Target’s Christmas catalogue with the deals that are valid starting tomorrow. One of these two catalogues is focused on gifts and this one has a special deal on clothing products like Fila sportswear, Piping Hot summer apparels, Lily Loves ladies’ swimwear and Maxx underwear for everyone. You can see that sale on pg 1-11. Cosmetics, personal care products, home appliances like hair dryers and more are also featured categories in the catalogue. Moreover, Target Catalogue Christmas specials of school and craft products are available on pg 16-17.

Start browsing this catalogue on pg 21 to see Christmas foods, treats, chocolate and candy bags, hampers, and gift products consisting of top brands like Toblerone. This actually builds up the final part of the catalogue. 

BBQ is one of the most popular entertainments in summer and Christmas specials are available in most catalogues. The Fabulous Food Company sauce variety is one of the major parts of the last Christmas catalogue. 7 piece Chilli standoff, hot chilli bottle, BBQ sauces, grill skillet and more are among the items that you can find on pg 21. Cadbury chocolate boxes, M&M’s tubs, Werther’s and Walkers chocolate thins can be found on pg 24-25. You can find authentic tastes like Turkish delight, after dinner mints, chocolate gingers and more on the same part of this sale. Follow our Facebook page where you can see all these deals as instant news. 

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