Target Catalogue Christmas Sales 19 – 25 Nov 2015

BEST TARGET DECORATIONS !Target Catalogue Christmas Sales 19 - 25 Nov 2015

Target Christmas tree offer is available. Christmas trees assorted in different colors. Gray could be great choice for snowy nights. Target called it, GEO GRAPHIC style. This product seen interest with lower price. Last year it was $99 but now only $69 ever day! Rose gold copper and gold blends with hints of black and white to create great Christmas ambiance. White mountain pine Christmas tree, you can decorate with target products. 36 pack decoration objects is perfect choice as led reindeer lighter. Send a hand made christmas card to someone far away. Or Classic Tree could be great choice for classic lovers. Tropicana concept include tropical fruits, lolies and ice cream. You can shop from online 7/24. Never miss even one day with calendars. Perfect material wooden advent calendar on sale.

Make your own Christmas fun with Target’s creative fun set. You can make your own light up, Wrapping paper decorations. With $5, decorate your home as you want ! Its up to your creative minds. In target, you can ask to salesman for more. 32cm advent calendar is another choice in cutest calendar collection.

Great reads, great price in Target shelves. Many books on sale, not only for read. Books are really helpful about kitchen. There is good books for recipes. Let’s learn simple touches for flavor via great books. Besides original DVD’s & CD’s, Game consoles available in stocks. Approaching new movie of Star Wars, Star Wars products on sale. For gamers, limited edition Star Wars PS4 bundle include two games and console selling with discounted price this week. Check out full catalogue for other sales.

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