Target Catalogue Christmas Specials 26 – 2 Dec 2015

TARGET CHRISTMAS ESSENTIALS Target Catalogue Christmas Specials 26 - 2 Dec 2015

All you need this Christmas at Target. With new lower price, it wont be easy to choose a tree in wide variety. Standard 183 cm tree prices $30 lower than last year. I recommend you, its great time to buy a tree. And these are not just ordinary trees. Get closer and check all details. New Christmas season is great in Target. Seems like, Target was waiting whole year for this prices.

New collection trees assorted in four design. One of them is Tropicana. Tropicana tree decorated with tropic fruits, ice cream and lollies. This funny piece of collection, is white. Beach House pine tree has pure aura. White and turquoise colors feels you peaceful. On this tree, raw materials of wood, felts and ceramics to bring Nordic Christmas. Also you can buy extra materials for decoration. Loose decorations, christmas balls and wooden painted tree will create really pure ambiance. Geo Graphic style pine tree is thinner than others. You can add loose decorative objects directly on branches. It will be stay kind corner of your home. You can combine with other decoration objects. And one more tree Heritage its really traditional tree with decorations. You can buy extra decoration objects from Target.

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