Target Catalogue Christmas Trees 22 – 28 Nov 2018

Merry Christmas! Christmas Trees and decoration are mainly what you can see on the first 6 pages of the latest Target Catalogue. The deals are effective until 28 November. Hampers are a classic at Target stores when it comes to Christmas. See different Christmas hampers with Toblerone, and many more candies or chocolate boxes. Redecorate your home for celebration using fashionable and festive products from Target. Iridescent Glamour Christmas tree, Fibre Optic Christmas tree, Christmas 100 pack glam luxe baubles, are among the deals you can find on pg 6. Different themes of Christmas trees are available. Choose according to your taste. If you like winter theme, snowy colours, and European style decoration products are perhaps what you might get interested in. Visit pg 4-5 for the details of all. On the first page Target has promoted products including Christmas trees.

Christmas decoration including trees:

Modern winter Christmas theme: