Target Catalogue Console Bundles 17 Nov 2015

Target’s offerings never stops ! This week XBOX ONE and PS4 consoles on sale !

Target GamingTarget Catalogue Console Bundles 17 Nov 2015

This week consoles on sale with good price. Include games and other specials. There is no age for playing console games. Because of this Target products appeals to all ages. For early ages, Wiiu Splatoon and New 3DS console bundle starting from $229. 32GB storage for Wii. New 3DS console include a game Animal Crossing Happy Home pre-installed. And special card, fine quality easy to handle cover plates include box. Also you can buy games for both product. Super Mario Maker and Super Mario series my favorites. I’m sure your child will like all games while they developing their creativity. Nine different games for each bundle available in stocks now.

Who wants to be a guitar HERO ! Target is supporting your musician carrier with perfect prices ! Guitar Hero pack is compatible with XBOX ONE, Xbox360 PS4-PS3 and Wii. Now hold on tight because XBOX ONE 1TB will excite you. Bundle includes ORI, The Blind Forest, Rare Replay and ESO. Gears War is one of the best war game in this year. These games pre-installed on device. 1TB storage will meet your needs. PS4 500GB pack coming with Elder Scrolls Online game and STAN subscription. Also you can reach accessories about XBox or PS in catalogue.

Target Surprise

PS4 1 TB + CALL Of DUTY + The CREW Pack ! This premium console bundle on sale with greatest price ever ! Best time to have a PS4 now.

No.1 FPS Game ; Call of Duty Black Ops III series $59 for each. 

Target’s surprise pack pg 23

New released Fallout 4 and other amazing games on sale too, check out full catalogue from here.


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