Target Catalogue Deals 2 – 8 Aug 2018

The new product range of Target Catalogue covers maternity clothing, baby products and clothing in majority of the content. Visit pg 2-3 for baby clothing. Newborn clothing is on sale. Sleeveless tops, organic cotton products are interesting deals. The discounts for baby socks, tees, legging sets and more are available on pg 4-5. Go to pg 6&7 for a good sale featuring outfits like dresses for girls and shirts for boys. Maternity clothing and essentials for those who are about to be a mother are on sale. Target offers good quality of these products at affordable prices. Visit pg 8-11 for a reasonable suggestion. Books, accessories and other needs are also available in this sale.

Baby Clothing:

Maternity Clothing :

Find kids books on the last page of Target Catalogue. I recommend this to everyone who is about to be a mother. Follow our Facebook page where you can hear more from the other catalogues and the future Target Catalogues.

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