Target Catalogue Easter Candies 28 Mar – 4 Apr 2018

The majority of this catalogue is in fact not focused on the Easter products. Target Catalogue Easter candies were announced on Tuesday but the deals got valid starting on Wednesday. I guarantee that there is something you would like in this catalogue. It’s not about the candies. It’s a wide product range. I honestly believe if you make this shopping a joyful thing, there’s always profit in terms of money and time.

All we talk about is what possibly can be the best for the kids and family. Kids love these candy bags. When you take the pg 2-3 to discover the new things, you’ll meet the Cadbury mini eggs, creme eggs, Ferrero eggs, Turkish delight and more featured for this week.

Check out the Fabulous Company products on pg 4. Lindt chocolate bunny will cost only $4.50! Ferrero Rocher chocolates will seduce everyone.

In this catalogue you can find kids clothing, sleepwear. Adult underwear will be on sale and cosmetics from top brands are also featured. 20% off DVDs this week. Buy Star Wars the Last Jedi paying $18 for DVD or $24 for Blu-Ray.

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