Target Catalogue Easter Entertainment 17 – 28 Apr 2019

Target Catalogue covers new books and lower prices on pg 6&7. The Mister by E.L. James will cost only $10. You can find books for kids, too. Disney’s Aladdin, Toy Story, Bambi, Dalmatians, and more books are fun products to have in Easter. Target’s Easter Catalogue also has a video game sale. Xbox One, PS4, and more gaming products are available with bundle deals. Buy Turtle Beach recon 70 series for $47 and save $12. Anthem, Red Dead Redemption II, NBA2K19, Fifa 19, Battlefield V, Call of Duty BO4, and more games for both consoles are also available. Save 20% off LEGO sets until 28 Apr. LEGO Creator race plane will cost only $30! Save $9 on that toy set.
Collectible toys are among the popular toys in the Easter catalogues. You can find also Target racing toys such as Stack & Store transporter is gonna cost only $15! You have 2.4Ghz 1:14 high-speed racing car which looks pretty cool as a decorative item. If you like such toys Target Easter Catalogue is one of the places you might want to browse.

Game consoles and games:

Target Easter Toy Sale:

Target Easter Catalogue Clothing Deals

In the other Target Easter catalogue, you have options to save on casual clothing. Seasonal and fashionable offers, solid looking shirts for ladies, western-like style blue and black jeans, comfortable and good-looking fit activewear, Lonsdale products are in the content of clothing range of Target Easter Catalogue sale. Long sleeved flannelette pyjama set is one of the examples from the sleepwear section. Feel good, look nice, lay on your bed with a comfortable emotion for a lower cost by Target. Short hooded gown is only $39 this week. Women’s sleep set is one elegant choice. It is gonna be only $25! Underwear products of Maxx and Bonds are the content which is available on pg 30-31. Shop shirts, jeans, slipper boots, for kids and men.
Easter theme calls the action figures and toy characters or brands, too. Peppa Pig flannelette pyjamas will cost $18 and like-class items of the sleepwear sale can be your options, too.

Activewear for ladies and men:

Men’s casual clothing and pants: