Target Catalogue Electronics 2 – 8 Feb 2017

Canon EOS 1300D DSLR camera comes with 18-55mm Lens which is one of the most popularly used starter lens.Target Catalogue Electronics 2 - 8 Feb 2017 It features 18 MP, 3 inches screen, and wi-fi. This machine is really low priced at Target but I need to say that 1300D is a starter machine, though, you may take some great shots with it. But if you already started photography with a similar machine I would recommend you to look forward and get something like Sony A7 or Canon 5D Mark III. Don’t forget you can have various lenses later, even you are at the beginning of photography, you may try landscapes with a 10-18mm, or take some portraits with a 50mm prime lens of Canon. Also keep this in mind: this camera is compatible with ef-s or ef lenses.

Fitbit surge is your assistance while training. It follows you with its GPS tracking system, it measures your heart rate and you can synchronize the data with your other devices using Fitbig surge. One of the best feature of this device is it carries long battery life. It can stand for 7 days without charging. It tells you how much calories you burned, what time you were active and how long more accurately than the devices in gym. The importance of such devices is understood when your motivation sucks after doing some exercising. It’s because you can’t see the results. Let this product reports your daily activity. Its prices is only $249 and it saves you a $100 ! More products are in the catalogue of Target.

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