Target Catalogue Electronics 31 Jan – 13 Feb 2019

Three popular game consoles and their games are available in the latest Target Catalogue 31 Jan – 13 Feb 2019. Fortnite, Fifa 19, Red Dead Redemption II, Fallout 76, Battlefield V and more games are also promoted offers on the game part of the electronics category of this catalogue. You can buy Fortnite PS4, Switch or Xbox One for only $29! Some of the most popular games are $20 cheaper. Buy Just Cause 4 for only $59! Home entertainment can be upgraded or it can be improved with additional products like LED TVs. Latest technology of sound products is a completing portion of the new entertainment section of the catalogue. Don’t forget to see mobile electronics like a tablet, smartphones, and accessories. You can find mobile plans and prepaid options, too. The second part of the catalogue is also interesting with novels, and kids’ storybooks. You should see the last 3 pages for them. As you might know from the previous posts about this catalogue, it’s a home sale that covers bedding products and furniture. Follow our Facebook page for the future posts about the catalogue and other stores.

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