Target Catalogue Entertainment 7 – 13 December 2017

Target Catalogue Entertainment 7 - 13 December 2017Target Catalogue Entertainment products are available now. You will find bikes for kids on pg 14. Colourful options and a fine selection of lowered prices are going to be available until next week. Cyclop bikes will cost only $179-$159 on pg 14. Headphones and gifts for Christmas. Check out headphones priced at $15 on pg 15. Earphones will be $5 and Target iPhone cases will be $10 and under.

Books, Novels and lifestyle books got promoted at Target stores this week. You might find interesting books for cheaper prices with this catalogue. Online sales and in-store availability may come handy.

New release DVDs will be on sale. DVDs will be $20. 2 for $20 films can also be found on the Christmas sale of Target.

Game products including consoles and games may also be interesting to you.

Games for Xbox One S including Forza will cost $79 and two of them are $39. Check out pg 19 for all products. PlayStation 4 is $499 on pg 20. PS4 Dualshock controller, Playstation games are available on that page. Horizon Zero Dawn got nomitated for game awards. It’s available at Target for $69. Watch some gameplay videos on Youtube. You will find this game really interesting. Also, PS VR bundle will be available for $525. All the recent release popular games for Playstation are available at Target for the prices shown on pg 21.

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