Target Catalogue Game Sale 14 – 27 Jun 2018 | God of War, Fifa 18

A popular product range by Target Catalogue. Comfortable and high-quality headsets for gaming, console bundles, Atari Flashback and controllers for different consoles. Also, a video game sale at Target. Fifa 18 is relatively cheaper. Classic games or the popular ones. You can buy Assassin’s Creed for cheaper than last year. $49 is the price you need to pay. Buying disc games for PS4 will save your time and you will have the game forever no matter what happens to your account. Far Cry 5, Call Of Duty IW, God of War, Forza and more games are available at Target. You can still intensely play Battlefield 1, Battlefront II and more games as they are perfect games people still play them.

Check out more games in the catalogue. You can find the games, consoles and more products on pg 18-21. Men’s clothing, casual winter products and more on Target Catalogue. Follow our Facebook page for more.

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