Target Catalogue Game Sale 15 – 21 February 2018

Battlefront II is one of the recent games that was published in late 2017. When it was firstly released it was a huge problem because of the micro-transaction and many in-game purchases. Gamers did not like it and some claim that the full game would cost thousands of dollars if you buy everything purchasable.

That also included selecting the heroes like Han-Solo, Darth Vader, Luke and other characters.

You wouldn’t play as them without the purchases. The share price of E.A. dropped down when the internet was talking about these issues about the game. After a while, they announced that they removed those micro-transactions. I did not follow the news after then but nobody is talking bad about the game recently. I think it’s a cool game. You should watch the gameplay videos on Youtube.

There are millions of them now. You can play as Darth Vader and it’s pretty cool. Its price is $79 as a standard game price at Target stores currently.

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This is pretty much the Target game sale. Check this page out frequently for the new posts or possibly interesting things.

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