Target Catalogue Game Sale 16 – 22 Nov 2017

Target Catalogue Game Sale 16 - 22 Nov 2017People got angry at Electronic Arts because of the DLCs. So I am not quite sure what everyone’s asking individually but there is something certain and that is the fact that people didn’t like these DLCs. They think they will have to pay much more than they expected for the game and DLCs. So be sure that this is not the whole game probably. Target sells Battlefront II for $79 for PS4 and Xbox. It will be available tomorrow. There are more stuff relatable to Star Wars lovers. Figures like Star Wars Pop Vinyl, PS4 SW bundle are good gaming items you might find on pg 26.

Video games in this catalogue:

These are console games. Also, see Xbox One console bundle with two games. Battlefront II and Minecraft are those games. Visit pg 27 for more products of game sale and improve your gaming equipment.

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