Target Catalogue Gaming Deals 23 – 26 Nov 2018

Gaming and tech deals are valid for 4 days. This is one of the best prices of the year. You must not miss out these deals on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Battlefield V for Xbox One and PS4 is also available. This new release will cust a full-game price. It’s a classic and $69. 20% off PS Plus 12 month membership. If you need a TV or a smartphone, check out the tech deals on pg 16.
By the way, Battlefield V will have a ray tracing technology. It’s said the most realistic detail in a game. However, consoles don’t have that kind of graphics cards yet as far as I know. On the other hand, you can have an RTX 2080 Ti on your Pc to play Battlefield V with that outstanding improvement.

Don’t miss out these deals from the latest Target Christmas Catalogue:

Get more games on sale. SAve $20 on games for PS and Xbox.

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