Target Catalogue Halloween Sale Oct 2018

Treats, costumes, pop culture, and spooky things are the only thing that matter in the newest Target Catalogue. You should see the entire catalogue for the spookiest Target Halloween products. They are awesome and fairly priced. Cadbury favourites, Lindt Lindor, The Natural snakes, chocolate bags, lolly bags are among the candies you can find. Visit pg 7 for these products. Target has a cool selection of books, movies and more entertainment products. On the final page of the catalogue, find Solo: A Star Wars Story, Jurrasic World, Hotel Transylvania: A Monster Vacation DVD. Spooky movies are suitable for the celebration. Kids love the costumes. Costume set on the first page is priced at $10! Baskets and costumes on pg 2 are of Young Ones. A dinosaur costume will be $25 at Target this week. Tee or leggings, viking set, tubs and more are featured items of the Target.

More costumes, accessories and Halloween products:

$25 Halloween costumes including superheroes:

Find more confectionery, snacks, candies and similar products of the top brands on pg 7. You can follow our Facebook page where you can track the deals from all Target Catalogues.