Target Catalogue Home Products 8 July – 15 July 2015

I am excited to see these fresh prices for the quality of home wares, kitchen ware and essentials that must be around your house.Target Catalogue Home Products 8 July - 15 July 2015


Target Catalogue home products 8 July – 15 July 2015 prices are viewable on the preview page. Offers from this catalogue are good choices of essentials for bedroom, kitchen, storage, comfort, decoration, gym, mobile electronics etc.
After all this is the type of Target Catalogues when they make changes on prices from various aisles on which products did not sell out. According to plan these prices are not surprising but it is of course an advantage to see them on the online Target Catalogues. Not only classic home products are available in this catalogue but some electronics and entertainment products for kids are featured. Target online shop offers these products below.


Target Kitchen July 2015

See new kitchen ware items on the latest Target Catalogue. An amazing price range is waiting for the customers. Either online or in-store options are available for us.
Advice by Curtis Stone makes me decide these products are not only to be serving ware in my kitchen. They are also playing the role of decorative items. They look perfect with my kitchen ! See these products on pg 2-3.
Kettles, toasters, Sunbeam slow cookers, food mixers, boilers etc on pg 4&5.
Russell Hobbs food processor, Bellini and some cook pots on pg 6&7.
Storage products and bathroom towels with soft touch and high quality material on pg 7&8.
Check out Tontine pillows on pg 9.
Shop blanket, wall clock, elegant accessories to put them in your living room decorative accessories on pg 10.
Recent release books including Weber’s Aussie Grit, The English Spy pg 11.
Active wear for ladies pg 12.
Mobile phones pg 13.
DVD movies and candies for kids on pg 14&15.

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