Target Catalogue Home Sale Winter 21 May 2015

Target Catalogue Home Sale Winter 21 may 2015 – 27 May 2015 are products for more comfortable way of living in your house. With these products your house will be even more beautiful. Target Catalogue Home Sale Winter 21 May 2015Bedroom products are sheet sets, quilt covers, pillows, storage, mattress, wool products. For bathroom towels you can visit pg; 7. Storage products for general purpose are also on sale. This week Target home sale covers kitchen ware as well. Kitchen appliances on pg; 8 is of great importance in the name of saving. On shopping for your house winter products to keep it warmer are really preferred. Home appliances for cleaning, ironing, kitchen, cooking, are on pg; 8-11. See also cook ware, utensils and some of the kitchen accessories on pg; 12-13.
Baby room furniture like comforter sets for cot and mattresses are available until 27 May 2015 with these prices. Check out entertainment sale of Target Catalogue on pg; 15-16. And last part of the catalogue is focused on chocolates, gluten free snacks and even more pillows. Don’t miss out this new product list of Target Catalogue.


From pg; 2 you can see pages focused on bedroom products. All products are on sale. In this week savings are perfect and you still get the top quality.
Pillows, mattress protector and wool products on pg; 2.
Wool quilt and bed quilt warmth are on pg; 3.
Tontine pillows 2 pack pillows $21 pack.
Essentials 2 pack pillow $5
Side sleeper $20 and 2 for $30.
Sheet sets, electric blanket on pg; 5.

To see many more of Target Catalogue please go to the preview page of the catalogue and see full sale. Target will be publishing its toy sale catalogue in June or July and that will be one of the biggest toy sale in the world. Don’t miss out and wait for hearing from us !

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