Target Catalogue Home Specials 4 – 10 Nov 2015

Here is everything for your pretty home. Every day discounted products in Target Catalogue.

Target : Best DecorationTarget Catalogue Home Specials 4 - 10 Nov 2015

Decoration is very important for houses. While you are decorating your home, you have a another problem to solve ; STORAGE ! Target has perfect deals about it. Summer Storage Solutions products are available. There is 2-8 units bookcases starting from $15 and this prices every day. Hudson and Oscar side tables designed for your fashionable areas in home. Besides, Hudson table is very useful with multi-purpose system.

Dinners are more enjoyable now with dinner sets. Nordic 12 piece porcelain and stainless steel and bone chine dinner sets are on sale every day ! Nordic sets finely processed and cheaper then before.

High quality microwaves are first rule of good food and great dinner with family members. Because of this, Target has discounts almost half-prices. Breville, Russell Hobbs and Kambrock products are on big sale. Russel Hobbs made by strong stainless steel. Braville and Russel Hobbs are ”New Lover Price”. Target essentials 20 L compact microwave TESMO100 is available in 6 auto cooking menus. You will save your money and time with this great Target product. Its just $49 to reach a great dinner. Russel Hobbs is always with you ! At breakfast you can prepare tasty toasts with Toaster and heat water with Russel Hobbs kettle for tea or coffee.

Clean Up Time With These Savings

You can trust Dyson’s products to clean your home. Ultra powered vacuum system and Radix cyclone technology in Dyson’s products. Also Philips and Russel Hobbs floor cleaners 100% chemical free cleaning. Phillips 1500w no detergent needed for ultimate cleaning also 2000w product sperates dust and air in one go HEPA 10 filter systesm. Phillips offers excellent cleaning experience.

Entertainment Dept ; its full of great deals in Target Catalogue. Telstra cell phones are on sale 20$ between $40. Easy to use and easy handling. Halo 5 Console and PS4 Bundle is available with promotion games.  Xbox One Console is 1TB and 5 full game downloaded before. These products are while stocks last. And new release DVDs, new and recent release books are available with discounted price in Target Catalogue.

Products in post ;

2 Cube Unit $15 / 8 Cube Unit $39 PG 16
Hudson Side Table $39 / Oscar Side Table $45 PG 17
Nordic Dinner Set $35 / Bone Chine Dinner Set $49 
Breville Microwave, Kambrook 30L Microwave and Russel Hoobs Microwave $129 for each PG 18
Target Essentials Microwave $49
Russel Hobbs Toaster and Kettle $49 for each
Dyson Cordless Vacuum $299 PG 19
Dyson Cordless Handstick $349
Phillips  1500w $99 
Phillips 2000w $149
Telstra Rush $19 – Tempo $39 PG 22
Halo 5 Console $558 – PS4 Bundle $418 
DVDs, Books starting from $18 PG 23

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